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On March 25, 2003, the Cabinet approved of the Port Authority of Thailand to manage and operate Ranong Port. It is aimed to be the main port for marine cargo transport in the Andaman coast, linking trade routes with countries in South Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.
The first-phase Ranong Port which accommodate 2 cargo ships of less than 500 gross tons that will not well suit the growing international trade in west-bound routes. Thus, the Marine Department constructed the second-phase Ranong Port to accommodate a larger cargo vessel of 12,000 deadweight tons.
State agencies responsible for the development of basic infrastructures and public utilities, as well as international trade in both central and provincial areas have jointly developed the second-phase port to ensure maximum capability of this new gateway.
The port development is the key strategy to enable Ranong Province to be marine cargo transport hub in the Andaman sea.
As a result, it should be deemed that Ranong Port has been constructed with a pool of cooperation from all sectors. The second-phase port was officially opened for services on July 2006.